What is Cogges Community Picnic?

Cogges Community Picnic is not organised by any local group, organisation or individual. It is simply an opportunity for local residents to have a bit of fun in our local community.

Check the latest news HERE

Only a date, time and place are selected and a few posters put up around Cogges.

This way, the event will become exactly what the residents of Cogges make it to be.

Read about our first ever picnic HERE

Come along and bring yourself a picnic and maybe some games to play with others. If you’re a musician, why not entertain us with a few tunes?

It’s your picnic, so make it what you want!

The next picnic will be held on 23rd August 2014 from 12-4pm on the green opposite Cogges Manor Farm Museum.

See you there.

Have you joined StreetBank in Witney yet? They are helping promote Cogges Community Picnic to other local residents and are a great resource to help you get to know your neighbours.

Please also hit the Facebook or Twitter buttons below to let your friends in on this event too.


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